What dog treats do you feed Nahla?

Puppy Treats

Answer:  It was important for us to find a tasty dog treat for Nahla that she would love enough to help with training her.  The first dog treats we got for Nahla was recommended by one of the store employees. Nahla ended up not too crazy about this particular brand.  Nahla wouldn’t even beg for treats and that was embarrassing.  A puppy that didn’t beg for treats, hmmm.

Then I remembered we use to give our Shih Tzu “Paris” (RIP) “HOLLYWOOD STARS Dog Treats”.  We got them from Wal-mart Superstore for only $1 a carton.

When we first fed these treats to Nahla, she just about lost her mind.

See the photo below.  I was trying to get her to pose, and I also had the “HOLLYWOOD STARS Dog Treats” Liver Flavor in my hand.  Well after taking this photo, Nahla jumped down to rush me for the treat and almost broke her leg.  She limped for two days.  So to say Nahla will do anything for these treats is an understatement.

Malshi Puppy

So the “HOLLYWOOD STARS Dog Treats” are the treats we love.  I hope your doggy loves them as much as Nahla does.

Thanks for stopping by,

Nahla and Kim


2 Replies to “What dog treats do you feed Nahla?”

    1. They are almost always out of these treats when we visit out local Wal-Mart. I had to ask them when their pet shipment comes in and I try to shop for these treats on their delivery days. It’s worked for me so far.


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