Does Nahla act out when putting on her bows?

Shih Tzu Puppy Nahla

Answer:  Putting bows on Nahla is most of the time a huge challenge.  Then there are those days for some odd reason Nahla cooperates and putting on her bow is a breeze.

Nahla's first time wearing a bow

It was 100% difficult putting bows on her when she was weeks old, and she would only let them stay in for a few minutes.  So I had to hurry and snap photos and that was a real challenge too.

Of course being months older, it is somewhat easier to put on her bows.  Nahla can go all day with bows on without fussing.  So with age comes improvement, lol.  I believe she now understands that I put them on for her to look cute and take photos. Plus, we bribe her with her treats that she loves so much.

Being that she is getting wiser with age, I’m sure in the coming months she will not act out as much, or stop fussing all together.

Thank you so much for visiting us,

Nahla and Kim


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